ALMCO and its distinguished personnel specialized in the field of electricity have completed and implemented many large projects in the field of electricity, which include building large and medium power generating stations in addition to supplying and assembling high-capacity electric generators. ALMCO possesses a different approach in the process of supplying stations and electric generators, the most important of which is to provide solutions that are a catalyst for moving forward with work and bypassing the issue of the fact that electricity is a problem that impedes work.
ALMCO has incorporated electricity with the rest of the technologies by adding monitoring and control systems that include remote operation and switching off, periodic maintenance work, and other work necessary to maintain the electrical stations, but from a distance.
ALMCO is a strategic partner with the largest and finest suppliers of electrical energy materials and equipment in the world. ALMCO Offers: 
– Turbine High Power Applications Generators. 
– Fuel Industrial Generators Main and Backup Planets. 
– Power Generators for Mid and Mini Business. 
– Industrial hybrid Power Systems Solar and Wind. 
– Mid Business and Home use Power Systems Solar and Wind.

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