ALMCO LIFE SUPPORT is a local oil and gas solutions provider focused on All Regions of Iraq. We pride our self on quality service and operate with customer satisfaction at all costs attitude. As an Experienced company, our main focus is building a reputation for fast, excellent services at commercially attractive rates.
ALMCO is managed by Young Professionals, a motivated and highly educated team with a strong belief in reliable and constant client interaction. Continuous communication is instilled in the company philosophy. We expertly project manage our operations to ensure that client needs are met in the areas of cost management, time management, HSE standards, and quality control. We pride our self on a strong health, safety, and environment culture.
ALMCO provides all types of O&M services in line with the needs of its clients, including (i) Camp Operations & Preparations, such as Mobilization and Demobilization, Planning, System Development, and Training; (ii) consulting services on elements including profit optimization, reliability and safety improvement; and (iii) a full spectrum of services for the planning, performance, and operation of various types of maintenance. In addition, through the collection and analysis of operating data and other big data, it is able to foresee possible operational faults, which enable us to apply the most advanced technologies to maximize plant operability.

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