ALMO is a Master key Player and pioneer in many residential projects throughout the country.
The most important is the Iraq Gate Project, which is an investment project consisting of 49 residential buildings, with a capacity of more than 100 apartments in a single building, and with areas of 300 square meters.
The Iraq Gate Project is a project is not include only the construction of the residential units but the construction of a comprehensive residential complex that includes all the necessary facilities for daily life. The AMCO Company, in its capacity as the executor of this project, has, in cooperation with other companies, take into account the development of juices of experience for the past years, by providing an architectural masterpiece in the heart of Baghdad.
The Iraq Gate complex is one of the largest urban complexes in Baghdad governorate, and it is a great facade of the ALMCO experience in the field of construction.
Detailed information can be found by visiting the Iraq Gate website

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