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Established in 2003 to support Iraqi reconstruction efforts ALMCO has grown to become one of the largest Iraqi companies participating in the reconstruction effort across Iraq. We have an excellent record of achievement in the infrastructure reconstruction process in Iraq and bring a depth and breadth of knowledge and resources unmatched by other companies. Our past performance, outlined below, is distinguished by diverse capabilities, and demonstrates that we will successfully fulfill each of your specific requirements.

Over the years, ALMCO has performed on a variety of construction, renovation and demolition, Design/Build, and life support projects throughout Iraq as part of the overall Iraqi Reconstruction efforts. As an Iraqi-based company, we understand what our clients want and are willing to put forth the extra effort and attention to detail to ensure those needs are met. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed, as repeat business in Iraq and throughout the Middle East continues to grow.


As a young but well-established Iraqi company, we have a simple company roadmap. We have not experienced any company restructuring, reorganization or name changes since our inception in 2003. Our five-year company history has witnessed rapid growth and expansion.

ALMCO is proud of our reputation for delivering quality products and services during times of trouble and need across Iraq

Mission critical: ALMCO has demonstrated capabilities for getting fuel, vehicles, generator maintenance parts and food delivered to trouble spots such as Fallujah and Ramadi in the most active months of insurgency activity. Our logistics management team has demonstrated a unique ability to get products to the end users without loss of life or injury.

Innovation: Our unsolicited feasibility study and analysis of using the shut-in oil well at Tadji for fueling a duel fuel turbine power station demonstrates our ability to think and act "outside the box".

Environmental protection: Our pilot testing of dust abatement techniques at Tadji has proven our ability to see and present solutions beyond the SOW. We will incorporate the experience we gained into our comprehensive dust abatement program.

Infrastructure: Our Baghdad trailer factory is constructing mobile housing and office units built to client requirements and specification. We are committed to provide quality structures with buy-back guarantees.

ISO 9001 commitment: From the first day of our life support mission at Tadji, we intend to create the template for base turnovers to the Iraqi Army. We will do this by bringing in an ISO 9001 team to document and certify our program of best practices

ALMCO Performance factors
Performed projects with magnitudes between $1 - $250 million
Having own concrete batch plant in Tadji.
Have a mobile batch plant
Owners of an asphalt plant
Mobile units factory in Baghdad / Tadji
Committed to Iraq’s reconstruction efforts
97% of employees are local nationals
6,000+ employees
Proven management and logistics plans
Work performed in the Middle East areas
Construction and design expertise
Includes work at barracks, housing, apartment facilities, supporting military and public facilities
Utility system planning and development expertise
Renovation, demolition and construction experience
Total solution provider for Infrastructure requirements
Janitorial and cleaning skills