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I am proud of ALMCO's achievements since 2003 and the team we have built which made them possible. Our achievements stand as corporate milestones and a launching platform for our future goals. To reach these goals we have made significant investments in our people, our operational capabilities, our service offerings, and even our brand presence in the market. These investments are positioning ALMCO for even greater achievements in the years to come.

I am convinced that ALMCO has ample opportunity for continued growth and we are realistically ambitious as we chart our path forward. Our vision is clear. Our strategy is sound. We are prepared for the path ahead and understand very clearly that success is never guaranteed. We know that we earn our results one day at a time and that every project is crucial, every client is vital to our success. As we push our professional boundaries we are constantly learning, adapting, and striving to make the critical improvements that allow us to deliver the very best service to our customers at the very best value possible.

As the credibility of the ALMCO brand grows in the regional markets our financial performance trends continue to be positive. Our technical capabilities are expanding and the breadth and depth of our operational experience is growing. In an intensely competitive industry and amid challenging socio-economic conditions ALMCO is steadily moving forward to even greater professional and social achievements. I can see in everything that ALMCO does that we have many more good years ahead of us and hope that you will be a part of our success story as a client, a partner, or even an ALMCO family member.