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Once the asset is commissioned, ALMCO offers long term care and support service from general maintenance to specialist support services such as environmental testing. Throughout this whole process we add value by offering a wide range of training services, as well as regulatory and environmental advice and consultancy.

The company is rightly proud of its engineering division and maintains a strong and complete self-sufficient engineering department. This encompasses Civil, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical and Systems engineering.

Each discipline is 'headed' by its own qualified and experienced engineer. Consequently, every aspect of each project is overseen by a qualified specialist.

In order to facilitate our client ALMCO undertakes Camp Operation and Maintenance services such as, camp administration, kiosk operation, facilities/equipment maintenance, janitorial/housekeeping, grounds keeping, vector and pest control, recreation, commissary, barber, tailoring, medical support, HVAC, power production operations, laundry, trash removal, sewage removal, potable water delivery and non-potable water delivery, fuel supply, armory & ammunitions depot, IT Networks, shuttle service, fire protection, vehicle maintenance, etc.