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ALMCO believes that our people are our most important asset.

Thus ALMCO recognizes that training and development are fundamental to the success of our business and therefore we are committed to the development of all team members and the recognition of each individual’s value to the business.

Through enhancing the skills of our team, we enable them to release their full potential thereby impacting on the quality of service and promoting continues improvement throughout all undertakings.

The training and development of all ALMCO team members is therefore a core element of our operational plan and the responsibility for this lies with all members of management, as well as the individuals themselves.

ALMCO expects all team members to recognize the need to develop their skills and competencies on an ongoing basis and to undergo agreed training with a positive and flexible outlook, bearing in mind that the acquisition of new skills provides life – long learning to the benefit of the individual.

Only through developing our team and recognizing their contribution to the achievement of our operational objectives will ALMCO continuously exceed client expectation thus enhancing the performance of ALMCO.