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ALMCO is pleased to introduce itself as a major Life Support Service provider. An Organization established in the year 2003, it has achieved major success in being a leader where opportunities arise. ALMCO is powered by perseverance, dedication, and commitment to serve. With our Headquarters in Iraq and regional offices throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia and an unprecedented success in Iraq, ALMCO excels by providing turn-key solutions with international standards, successful plans for the allocation of resources, quick mobilization and speed in the designing, building, and installing infrastructures, 24/7 backup & emergency services, in addition to operational maintenance & support.

ALMCO specializes in Camp Management, Catering, Housekeeping, Laundry, Sanitorial, Pest Control, Manpower Supply, Security and Maintenance Services. Beside these services, ALMCO is engaged in facility constructions both pre-fabricated and permanent. The business sectors we offer services are, but not limited to, Offshore Rigs, Land Rigs, Seismic Units, Gas Production Units in remote locations, Oil and Gas Pipeline Projects, Petroleum & Gas Processing Units, Army Camps, Ports and Offshore Vessels, Thermal Power Stations, Construction Sites, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, etc.

We are currently providing Life Support Service projects to major companies in Iraq. A few of our clientele database are ANHAM, PB (Parsons Brinckerhoff), Arkel, Sabre, Lucent, EODT, Amec, MOD, JCCI, MNSTC-I, NATO HQ, ICCB, Wintara Inc, Washington Group, Nour, Reed Security, IRD, Motorola, CHM2,Tetra Tech and US, Coalition & Iraqi Armed forces at various locations. Most of these projects are on turnkey basis and have been mobilized at short notice.

Being an organization with extensive resources, experience and expertise in the service industry, ALMCO is all set to meet any challenge placed in its path. We are interested and highly keen in meeting your needs, preferences, and requirements.

In-depth information on our clientele, background, capabilities and experience are included in this profile. We request you to include our name in your bidders list and notify us of your service requirements.

Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact any of the ALMCO Management personnel: