ALMCO is specialized in providing technical security services. The company provides many modern and Important technical security services that include, surveillance cameras, vehicle control systems, and Access & Recognition systems. Object monitoring systems, and other security systems that are at the core of many important projects and places.
What distinguishes the services provided by the company from other services provided by other companies, that our company simply studies the customer’s request, and based on the worksite environment, a security system suitable is then designed. That’s why it cannot be said the company provides the same kind of security services because it is a different solution and something sensitive and personal that owned and belongs to the owner (Customer), therefore as it was mentioned, ALMCO always ready to provide integrated security solutions for different types of site and to any customer.
ALMCO Offers,

– Surveillance and Monitoring Systems 
– Perimeter Detection System
– Access Controlling System
– Biometric Recognition Systems
– GPS Tracking System
– Automation Systems Home & and Industry 
– Addressable Fire ALARM Systems
– Public Announcement systems
– Anti Cyber Attacks Platforms

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