GENERAL CONTRACTING AND OIL SERVICES Established in 2003 to support Iraqi reconstruction efforts ALMCO has grown to become one of the largest Iraqi companies participating in the reconstruction effort across Iraq. We have an excellent record of achievement in the infrastructure reconstruction process in Iraq and bring a depth and breadth of knowledge and resources unmatched by other companies. Our past performance, outlined below, is distinguished by diverse capabilities and demonstrates that we will successfully fulfill each of your specific requirements with successful completion of 1.5 Billion USD and pursuing towards a target of 2 Billion USD before the first quarter of 2020. Due to our relentless efforts for innovation along with our team of Managers, Engineers, Technicians, Marketers, Skilled forces and Accountants, ALMCO is utilizing state of the art in construction, Supervision, planning, drafting, accounting, human resources, and maintaining up to date records of our site erection works and maintenance. Assuring you the high technical standard and quality of our products and services because it is only but an indication of the high standards of our clients that we hold ourselves high too. Over the years, ALMCO has performed on a variety of construction, renovation and demolition, Design/Build, and life support projects throughout Iraq as part of the overall Iraqi Reconstruction efforts. As an Iraqi-based company, we understand what our clients want and are willing to put forth the extra effort and attention to detail to ensure those needs are met. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed, as repeat business in Iraq and throughout the Middle East continues to grow. 
ALMCO is proud of our reputation for delivering quality products and services during times of trouble and needs across Iraq ALMCO strives to deliver the highest standards of MEP services, carefully paying attention to Client’ ideas, collaborating in the development of the right scope of work. We have excelled in challenging projects bringing an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and commitment to every project to satisfy our Clients. Our commitment, as well as the commitment of our partners and clients, has contributed to the impressive accomplishment of the company. Through the decades we have completed a great number of projects and we are proud to have vast experience in the field of Pipeline, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Civil, Electrical, and HVAC Systems and continue to work on further complex projects. Behind the name of ALMCO stands an experienced and professional team that works together to deliver and maintain the highest standard services in the world of (Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical) Contracting. The Company runs on a platform of continuous improvement using an integrated management system ISO 9001:2015, that provides consistent, proactive control of quality, safety, and management. With top quality of work and technically competent, dedicated team of professionals, ALMCO has the capacity to provide turnkey solutions to high profile Clients nationally & internationally.