ALMCO, under the administration of the Technology Department, carries out 90% of all its projects, relying on its specialized team in the field of technologies.
The company holds a team of the highest level of experience, efficiency, and global expertise in addition to the agencies held by the company with the largest and most important technology companies in the world.
Information and communication technologies are a part that has evolved in the company in the last 5 years very quickly, through investments by the company in this field, including in terms of human resources, equipment, and equipment.ALMCO contributes significantly and directly through its technical team specialized in all the company’s business and projects and over the previous years.

ALMCO Offers:
– Hardware, Servers Engine, Workstations, PC & Computers.
– Virtual Software Solution.
– Internet Access & Connection Solution.
– Data Center Solution.
– Wired and Wireless Systems.
– Cloud Computing Solution.
– Technical Support Services.
– Technology System Designs Consultant.  
– Trouble Shooting of Complex Systems.
– Mechatronics and Robotics.

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