ALMCO and in cooperation with the construction team specialized in laying, digging, and preparing the paths of the necessary cables for any Communications projects and at any Project- Volume & Size.
Cooperation between civil engineers and telecommunications engineers in this field ensures results in a high level of work that has been praised by all of the company’s clients that have worked with them over the past years.
The company develops, through its specialized team, modern methods, and style techniques that suit to the harsh environment to provide and link the largest amounts of establishments with each other to ensure communications.
Since communication has become the lifeblood of our current life, especially as it has become a requirement of daily needs, the company has focused on developing this aspect through cooperation with the largest and most famous network service suppliers in the world.
The company provides wired and wireless communications services, which include optical cable systems, especially as the company starts from the dark cable to the optic cable intended for home use.
The company is also specialized and for a long time providing network services inside buildings and institutions at the highest level.
The company has established and is still managing wireless systems and networks in the projects that the company has accomplished.
Any Communication Solution needs to be implemented, Our specialists will review and consider conditions to provide fully applicable and Functional solutions.
ALMCO Offers:

– Fiber Optic Network Services (Dark Fiber & Mid Business).
– Copper and Ethernet Network Services.
– Wireless & Microwave Network Services.
– GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G System design Consultant.
– Routing and Switching Services.
– LAN and WAN Networks design and Execution.
– Network & Server Data-center Solution.
– Voice Communication Systems.
– Digital Video Streaming Services.

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