ALMCO Oil & Gas Services offers a wide range of services to its customer. It offers a full range of contracting models for project services from development through engineering and construction to projects for operating facilities. Our teams partner with customers and local communities to deliver energy solutions to the Iraq Oil Industry.ALMCO has an extensive and diverse portfolio that spans for various services to our clients of the process Industry. Many projects blend these areas of expertise and involve the addition of innovative and ambitious new risings to the existing. Although the codes, standards, materials, and techniques are distinct for each type of project, but what is common to all our work is the precision and excellence that we deliver to every client. The skill and experience that we deploy through our Project teams on the ground equals the best in the industry. Our goal is always to deliver unparalleled quality in line with each project’s unique vision.The scope of services for each project is definitely the delivering of quality services, ALMCO provides the full compass of EPCC in conformance with the international industry codes, standards along with the appending.

 – Basic and Detail Engineering on the state of the art industry software. 
– Detailed survey. 
– Related Civil works. 
– Shop Fabrication. 
– Project-related Procurement. 
– Field Piping fabrication, Welding & Installation of ferrous, non-ferrous, and PE. 
– Structure and Stacks works. 
– Blasting & Painting by using the best available methods and techniques. 
– Cathodic Protection System Installation. 
– Communication system. 
– Firefighting system. 
– Testing during the EPCC processes. 
– Related Electrical & Instrumentation works. 
– Insulation Works. 
– Equipment Installation with appropriate lifting & rigging equipment. 
– Plant Pre-commissioning & Commissioning works

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